Welcome to the Members Area of the IPA
While this area is currently quite new, we plan to offer here a growing collection of useful materials for the exclusive use of Association members. If you have a suggestion for improvements, please feel free to contact us with your opinion.

• Palatine Pupils of Adare School.
• Palatine Pupils of Rathkeale School.
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• Rheinland Pfalz 300 Celebrations
• St. Patrick's Day Parade 2010 in Rathkeale
300th Anniversary Celebrations of Assenheim Rathaus

The IPA membership year runs from 1st January to December 31st each year. When you become a member in the course of the year, any literature published in the prior part of the year is mailed at the time of subscription and you will be asked to renew your membership in January of the following year.

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