Lorna Shier
As we cross the threshold from 2018 to 2019 we bring the sad news of the passing of our secretary Ms. Lorna Shier. After medical treatments in the early summer and procedure in September the prognosis was good and Lorna had returned to her many duties with various organisations. However in late November she became unwell and sadly her death on the 23rd of December came as a shock to us all.
Lorna has always been a history buff and had a deep interest in her Irish Palatine Heritage. Her presence and work for the Association will be missed by the directors and committee. She especially came into her own in organising the 2009 and 2016 events in Ireland for the Association.
In the early part of 2018 Lorna was urging us to commence work on a 10-Day German Holiday to take place in 2019. Due to Lorna’s passing the timing of this occasion is being postponed until 2020.
The Irish Palatine Association would like to thank all those who sent emails of sympathy and the Shier family have especially asked us to extend their appreciation of the various messages.

Irish Palatine Association Journal

Journal 25
In this issue we have an article by David Switzer and crew (including a cat) detailing his crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by sailboat 'Isosceles' from USA to Ireland and the adventure it turned out to be. Also an article posing the question - did more of the Palatine families, who arrived in Ireland in 1709, remain in Ireland than research would suggest. Then there is an article of the Pipers journey to South Africa and to the Rugby Playing fields of the world. Also an There is the story of George Hoffman of Ballymacelligot, Ireland and of Waikato, New Zealand and more...

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We would like to thank all those who have supported us through our membership scheme in 2018 and would encourage anyone who has an interest in Irish Palatine Heritage to support our endeavours through this scheme in 2019. The IPA is voluntary organisation and we rely on worldwide support from people of Irish Palatine Heritage to help with the operation of the museum and organisation. Membership of the Association is 25.00 euros per year. The membership year runs from January to December each year. When membership is received in the course of the year, any literature published in the prior part of the year is mailed at the time of subscription
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